Pot of Gold Treats

St. Patrick’s Day is mere days away, are you in need of a quick and easy treat idea?  I whipped up these bag toppers for a social event happening this weekend in celebration of St. Patty’s.  I love the way they turned out!

Pot of Gold 1_edited-1

Pot of Gold 2_edited-1

Fill some cellophane baggies with Skittles or Rollos and wa-la!  Instant treat!  Below you will find the JPEG for the bag toppers.  Feel free to use them in your treat-giving endeavors.

Pot of Gold Bag ToppersFor personal use only.

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An Award Winning Performance

The 86th Academy Awards are THIS Sunday!  Who is excited?!  I am having a little viewing party with some fellow movie groupies and every party should have some fun printables in my opinion!  So to go along with the Oscar Ballot I whipped up last week, here are some fun little extras to give this party a little pep!

Oscar Party 2 jpeg Oscar Party 3 jpeg

Oscars Party jpgI hope you are as excited as I am about this year’s Academy Awards show!

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And the Oscar goes to…

The 86th Annual Academy Awards are quickly approaching!  (Mark you calendar for Sunday March 2nd, 2014.)  As a lover of film, and a former filmmaker, I am pretty excited about this years award show.  If you are planning a little soiree, here is a handy little ballot I whipped up for the occasion.  Turn your Oscar viewing party into a high stakes game by offering prizes to the person with the most correct predictions!

2014 Oscars BallotStay tuned for more printable fun for your Oscar viewing party!

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The Non-Diaper Cake Tutorial

Baby showers are just the bees-knees in my opinion.  I LOVE shopping for babies, which can sometimes lead to some trouble, but I cannot say no to tiny shoes!  I just can’t.  So with a close friend’s baby shower quickly approaching I wanted to make the ever so popular diaper cake for her, but there is just a tiny little problem.  She isn’t going to be using disposable diapers.  So I did a little research and decided to tackle this diaper cake, without diapers, and without spending a fortune.

Shopping was a huge factor for this cake.  I knew I wanted to do at least three tiers, and wanted to stay under $50, which is no easy task when looking for cute baby stuff!  So I started my journey at Target, where I priced the items I wanted to use for the cake, knowing that if I couldn’t find the things I wanted elsewhere I would end up back at Target.  While there I found the most amazing little shoes on sale for $6.  Now I was locked into a color palette.  Next I stopped at TJ Maxx where I found a pack of five flannel receiving blankets for $7 that I knew would work for one tier.  Then off to Ross where I found the microfiber fleece blanket for $4 and the three pack of onesies for $5.  Lastly, back to Target for the adorable plush monkey rattle for $5.  So here is the breakdown in cost.

None-Diaper Cake Price BreakdownYay!!  Way under budget AND it turned out incredibly sweet!!  So if you are in the market for a sweet non-diaper cake, here is how I assembled mine.

Here are all of the items I used for this cake.  The bottom layer is one 30″ X 45″ microfiber fleece baby blanket, the second tier is made up of five receiving blankets, and the final tier is three 3-6 month onesies.  You will also need some yarn and/or ribbon, scissors, and a wooden dowel (not pictured).


Working our way up I started with the bottom tier, the microfiber blanket.  I started by folding it in half length wise, then folding it in thirds so it is long and skinny.  Then take one end and roll it up to the other.  The roll is actually pretty lose, because I wanted to have a decent size foundation.  (If you are using more materials I would recommend a tighter roll to support the weight of the top tiers, or placing a cup in the center of the roll for a stable foundation.)  Once you have it rolled up, secure the tier with your yarn or ribbon.

The second tier is made up of the five receiving blankets.  I chose to roll each blanket individually, but you can lay them all together and roll them as one unit, it really just depends on the diameter of the tier you need.  I started with one blanket folding it in half length wise, then folding it in thirds.  From there you roll it up, and secure it with yarn or ribbon.  Then repeat until you have all the blankets rolled.  I chose to roll four of the blankets individually and then decided to wrap the fifth (and cutest blanket) around the others.  Still folding the wrapping blanket in half then in thirds, I then gathered the other four individual rolls and wrapped the cute blanket around them, tightly.  Once it is wrapped secure it with yarn or ribbon.  Tier two complete!

The last tier was the onesies.  So take the onesie, fold in half length wise and then roll from the bottom of the onesie to the top, tucking in the arms.  Once it is rolled up, secure with yarn or ribbon.  Repeat on the remaining onesies.  Then gather the rolled up onesies into a group and secure with yarn or ribbon.  Easy peasy.

Now that you have all three tiers rolled and secured, carefully stack them on top of one another in the proper order.  To add some additional stability, take the wooden dowel and insert it through the middle of all three tiers.  The dowel will help prevent the tiers for toppling over and it makes everything centered.



Now to the very last step, decorating!  I had the plush monkey rattle and the shoes, and will probably be going back to add some personalized tags.  I tucked the handle of the rattle under the wrapping blanket of the second tier so I didn’t have to use any adhesive or anything on the blankets.  Then to top it off, little adorable shoes!!  (The shoes are not attached to the cake and are the least stable, so if you plan on doing something along those lines, make sure you put the cake in a spot where it is least likely to get bumped.)

Ta-da!!  A diaperless, diaper cake!!



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and get the opportunity to shop for baby things soon!!  It really is the best.

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*Pretty Savvy Parties is not affiliated with any of the stores listed including Target, TJ Maxx, and Ross.  PSP does not receive any monetary action for endorsing their products.  I just love to shop!

Supplies – The Cake Stand




No matter what type of party I throw, there is one piece that I always find handy for my tables.  The cake stand.  There are a ton of options out there these days, there are even a ton of online tutorials on how to make your own unique stand.  So no matter how you choose to get one, make sure it is on the list.


Cake stands aren’t only for cakes you know.  They add a depth of field to the table display, taking a boring flat assortment of sweets to new levels, literally.  My favorite stand is this gem I got from Crate and Barrel.  It holds 8″ cakes like a dream, while making cupcakes, or even 6″ cakes look good too.  I chose to go with a classic white stand since I already had a few pieces in white.  Hopefully someday soon I will be adding a new colorful stand or two to my collection!


When choosing your stand here are four tips to keep in mind.

  1. While adding some dimension to your table is definitely a plus, make sure that you aren’t purchasing or making a cake stand that is too high.  My favorite cake shop, uses at least 4 layers to their 8″ cake so these delicious treats can actually be on the heavy side.  If the stand is too tall, you run the risk of being top-heavy and inevitably that cake will come crashing down.
  2. Make sure that the base of the stand sits evenly on a flat surface.  The bottom of the stand is almost more important than the top.  If the bottom of the stand is about half the diameter of the top, it should be able to carry the weight of your treats relatively easily.  Again you don’t want to be too top-heavy.
  3. The surface of the cake stand shouldn’t have too big of a lip around the edge.  A bit of an edge is ideal, but too big and trying to cut into your cake may get complicated.
  4. Make sure that the material coming into contact with your treats is safe to eat off.  If you are making your own stand, make sure to use a seal for the paint or whatever other materials you will be using.  Keep in mind that at some point the stand will need washing, so choose your materials wisely.

I hope this helps in your cake stand buying quest!

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